5 Reasons To Use An Architect
5 Reasons To Use An Architect

An RIBA Chartered Architect will provide you with much more than just the drawings for your new home or alteration. You will be fully involved in creating a totally bespoke solution for your needs. An architect has the experience to see your project safely through to completion, overseeing the design, the planning and building regulations, the builders and your budget. You can hire an architect to manage any or all parts of the design and construction process.

Here’s how an architect can help you transform your home.

They will listen to you and bring innovative ideas to your project

An architect will work with you to define your brief and develop a design that will interpret your ideas imaginatively and expertly. That’s why it is important to communicate your ideas and needs to your architect as early as possible so that they can blend your requirements with their creativity from the outset. Your architect should help you by developing ideas for your home that are both practical and beautiful while at the same working to your budget and other project constraints.

They will keep you informed and updated

An architect will help you navigate the process of designing and building your dream home through clear communication with you at all stages of the process.

As the project progresses your architect will help to secure the necessary approvals that will be needed before your project can go ahead, including planning consent and Building Regulations approval. They will keep you fully updated on progress of these applications and can answer any questions that arise.

Once the construction work commences your project will start to develop quickly and your builder will need you to make decisions on time to meet the programme. This demands a lot of decision-making in a short space of time to prevent delays and extra expense. Here, the assistance of a competent architect will enable you to make appropriate decisions in the limited time frame.

They can help you save time and resources

Besides offering innovative and creative ideas for your property, an architect’s experience will help you identify any risks associated with the project. They will also have experience of the local planning authority and builders that might be suitable for your project. By identifying any constraints and potential problems on the project early they can then help you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and delays. Your architect will also be on hand to help you understand the process and adequately prepare for your construction project.

They should have knowledge of your local area

It’s important to choose an architect that has knowledge of your local area as they will be able to help you choose local contractors that are suitable for your project. They should also have a good knowledge of the local planners and Building Control departments which will help the process run more smoothly. They should also be able to recommend other consultants and suppliers that can help with your project.

They will help ensure the quality work that you require

An experienced architect will specify in detail the requirements for the project. This will help builders to understand your requirements from the start of the project. Your architect can help also help you during the construction process by selecting suitable builders for your project and obtaining competitive prices. They can also monitor progress on site and spot potential problems early before they cause delays as well as answering any questions that arise on site. They will also help to ensure that the work is to the correct quality and is being carried out as specified. This will ensure quality is maintained throughout the build.

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