home office under a tree in West Hampstead - Pardon Chambers Architects
Compayne Gardens

This structure is built directly under a Weeping Ash. The tree is so large that through the summer months the back of this substantial 12 metre wide garden is completely shaded under its canopy. The brief called for a summer room that would utilise this neglected space. The roof is a funnel: a high pyramid with a rectangular prism projecting through the corner and up through the tree canopy to admit sunshine via a horizontal roof light. The orientation of the garden room (the garden is south facing) intensifies the effect of rays penetrating into the interior of this space. The importance of the roof is echoed in the detailing of the interior where the form of the ceiling exactly mirrors the exterior. The building treads lightly, sitting on small pads avoiding the tree’s root system, as agreed with the local authority’s tree officer, rain water is allowed to flow directly off the roof onto the earth below to further minimised its impact.