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making places for people

People should be at the heart of any design. The positive impact a building can have on its users is the true measure of success of any project. 

We help clients maximise the potential of their sites through our knowledge of the local area and planning policy.

We understand their concerns and respond proactively to their priorities: whether they relate to planning risks, programme issues or costs.

listening to your stories

We understand that for homeowners undertaking a building project will be one of the most significant investments that they will make and that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

We’ll work with you at every stage of your project and help you to define your brief, establish your budget and agree a programme. We can guide you through the tender and construction phases of the project helping you to control costs, avoid problems and help ensure the final quality of the build.

We will communicate clearly with you to explain the design, planning and building processes to help answer the questions you will have.

solving problems & seeing opportunities

Listening carefully to clients and building users helps to identify a unique set of requirements for each project. Combining this with other research about local context and sustainability requirements enables a clear brief to be developed. 

Burleigh House, Cambridge

Office fit-out for hybrid working

Through our community projects we have learnt how to work well with community clients and how to communicate effectively with the various stakeholders involved in the process. We understand the concerns that many community groups have whether that is concerns about planning, how to achieve good quality design on a limited budget or delivering a low maintenance, sustainable building that will stand the test of time.

We also couldn’t recommend PCA highly enough for their professionalism coordinating and securing the planning approvals with the local council, alleviating the stress out of the situation."
SY, Client
realising potential

Considered, thoughtful architecture can promote a sense of well being, social value and community cohesion. PCA are committed to intelligent, people centred design that improves the quality of life of users and considers the cost and build-ability of the project.

Once the brief is established, we work hard to find creative solutions to the unique requirements of each project. Every project is different, and we give an individually tailored response to suit the specific needs of your brief. Communicating our ideas clearly and simply and explaining the process as we move through the project is essential.