Commercial - Pardon Chambers Architects

We help landowners and developers maximise the potential of their sites through our knowledge of the local area and planning policy.

We understand our clients’ concerns and respond creatively to their priorities whether they relate to planning risks, programme issues or costs.


We will:

  • Work with you to define how many units are sensibly achievable on the site with reference to local planning policy allowing you to forecast revenues anticipated from the completed scheme.
  • Clearly and concisely explain your options and the relative merits and/or risks of different courses of action.
  • Review your timescales and provide realistic feedback on current planning and procurement issues that may affect your programme.
  • Provide you with access to our network of consultants who will seek to maximise the added value that they bring to your project.
  • Ensure you benefit from our experience of small and medium sized development projects and the delivery of design led, practical schemes that optimise the potential of your site.
Case Study - Burleigh House

The Acteon Consultancy has been located at Burleigh House for almost 40 years. Over that time they had expanded to fill the whole building but this had been done in a piecemeal way leading to poorly planned spaces and a very dated interior.

Prior to Covid all staff were in the office full time and all had their own desks but Acteon were keen to embrace hybrid working after the pandemic and wanted to create an attractive, vibrant hub for staff and visitors.

Our Solutions

  • Initially appointed to undertake a feasibility review of the existing space, PCA showed how a new open plan reception with space for the whole office to gather could be created as a focal point in the building on the ground floor.
  • This was then complimented by meeting rooms and a cafe, the new reception spaces form an attractive, welcoming space for visitors as well as a great breakout area for staff  or a more informal space to work.
  • Elsewhere a variety of quiet and collaborative workspaces and studios were provided for different working styles with refurbished meeting rooms for online calls and private conversations.
Our Feasibility Review

Embarking on a development project is a significant investment, so you’ll want to avoid abortive work. It’s important to establish the feasibility of your proposals and to define a clear brief as early as possible to help de-risk the project from the outset. We will:

  • Define your requirements in order to put together a brief for the project going forward
  • Take into account site and budget constraints such as planning and the local context
  • Look at the level of sustainability and accessibility you would like to achieve.
  • Prepare sketch proposals to look at the feasibility of various options and their relative merits. These options will define the number of units possible and GIAs if appropriate.
  • Summarise our findings in a simple to follow document that will also outline next steps and a possible programme for the project.