garden room for an osteopath in Islington - Pardon Chambers Architects
Rear view of garden room with window
Dalmeny Road
Roof close up
Garden room with greenery

This building, designed as a work space for an osteopath, achieves a high level of technical sophistication in the pursuit of simplicity. The key components of plinth, wall, window and roof are brought together / kept apart to form a simple building that nonetheless responds to the particular requirements of the client.

The openings provided afford a variety of experience throughout the day whilst controlling solar gain. External sliding doors create a flexible environment, leaving the internal walls free to be used for fixtures.

  • Don’t Move, Improve! Shortlist 2011.
Corner view of garden room with doors open
“It was third time lucky with Roman: the other architects had been too keen to turn it into their vision entirely. Roman argued his case but listened to and incorporated ours. He went above and beyond the call of duty and paid a lot of attention to the detail - including settling the room low in the ground to help it be part of the garden and meeting the budget. The result is amazing and deeply satisfying. We are going to be very happy there doing very different things in each season.”
HV, Islington
Outward view
Garden room with sliding doors open
Copper roof on garden room