What services can an architect provide for me?
What services can an architect provide for me?

A qualified architect is much more than simply a ‘designer’ or ‘technician’. We can provide you with a range of different services at the various stages of your project whether that is looking at the feasibility of your project, providing design options for you to consider, navigating the planning and building control processes, obtaining tenders, or administering the building contract. We can also help you with bespoke kitchen and bathrooms as well as furniture and landscape design for a truly holistic approach.

Here is more detail on some of the services we can provide:


Embarking on a building project is likely to be one of the most significant investments you will make, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start and to avoid abortive work. It’s important to establish the feasibility of your proposals and to define a clear brief as early as possible to help de-risk the project from the outset.

During this feasibility stage, we will use our experience and knowledge of the local area to help you define your project’s strategic goals and requirements. In addition, we will also look at your site and budget constraints including the local planning context. We can also help with various pre-design services, including master planning of your site, historical research, and establishing your sustainability goals for the project. Once all the background information is gathered, we will analyze it and help you to understand your options going forward.

Design Development

Once you have established the best way to progress your project and defined the brief, we will work hard to find creative solutions to the unique requirements of your project. Every project is different, and we give an individually tailored response to suit the specific needs of your brief. Communicating our ideas clearly and simply and explaining the process as we move through the project we will provide you with sketches, drawings, and sometimes models to help you visualize how the final project will look. Working with a cost consultant we can also help you establish a reasonable budget for the design.

Once we have agreed on a final design, we will prepare the necessary drawings and information to help you secure planning approval and listed building consent if required.

Construction Documents & Tender

During this stage, we will refine and detail the technical information for the project into a set of information suitable for tender, construction, and building regulations submission. We will assist you in selecting materials and other fixtures and finishes that suit the design and work within your budget. We will also be working with other professionals such as structural engineers to complete this phase of the design process.

We can also assist you in obtaining tenders from contractors and then assessing the different quotations once they are submitted. This will help you to make an accurate and fair comparison between the different tenderers, maintain quality and help you spot any errors or omissions.

Construction Information

We can assist you with the administration of the building contract. Through a series of weekly visits, we will ensure that your contractors and suppliers comply with the required specification and build in accordance with the drawings. This will help maintain the quality of the build, answer any questions as they arise, spot problems, and monitor the progress of the works.

Bespoke Kitchen, Bathroom, and Furniture Design

If you would like a truly coherent and coordinated project down to the last detail, we also offer a bespoke, personalised design service for your kitchen and bathrooms as well as other elements in your home such as furniture, staircases, and external landscaping. This will help ensure that your finished project is exactly as you would like it to be and that the architectural detailing is followed through in the interior design of your project.

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We offer a wide range of architectural services and we can also tailor our services according to your requirements, providing the specific help you need.

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